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Strong Nation Today - Class Change

Hey guys,

I've been watching the air quality this morning, hoping that the fog would help to contain the particles in the air. I REALLY hate to do this, as I have never canceled a class before, but I'm going to make the call to cancel Strong Nation this morning (Saturday 9/12). Given the fact that we're trying to better our health it does seem counter productive to be doing it in an unhealthy environment. That paired with the air over the last week, the constant burning headache and gunky lungs I'm experiencing, and the fact that the air quality has already worsened in the last hour I think we should all keep our workouts shorter or closer to home. That being said, I have uploaded a Strong Nation workout to the Streaming site allowed by Zumba. It is free for you guys and will be available for the next 24-30 hours. I won't punch any cards or take credits from you. If you already paid for a drop-in today I will credit you to another day, whenever you come next. I hope you all understand, know that this was a tough call for me but I believe it to be for the best.

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