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Rainy Friday and February Schedule

Hey guys. First thing is I am going to call it and cancel class this morning. It's a gamble whether the weather will hold out but it looks like there's more rain likely to hit right in the middle of class. It's wet and potentially slippery on the court and some of you might want to plan other things to do this morning. It looks like the rest of the day should clear up so you guys can get out and move a little later. So NO CLASS today.

On a second note, I will be also canceling the Friday class for February. I will still have Strong Nation on Sundays at 9:00. Busy schedules, more time needed to visit my parents, and cold/rainy season requires me to take a day off. My hope is to bring back more classes again once things clear up a little over the next few months. I will keep updating you guys as the months go on. Please feel free to contact me any time if you have questions, I'm always available. Remember I also have free classes streaming on Vimeo if you want to look me up.

-Sarema (Begr8Fitness)

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