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October Updates

Hello my fitness friends,

My schedule for October looks very similar with just 2 changes. I will no longer do the Monday Strong Nation Class. With school now logging in early, and more people going back to work, attendance numbers were shrinking. Park workouts are now Friday through Sunday. The second change is that the Sunday High Fitness class has been changed to High Low. It's very similar in nature, in fact the choreography is the same with the exception of no Cardio Push songs. That means no tuck jumps and no burpees. Meant to be a steady state cardio class vs. a HIIT style the coaching from me will begin with no impact and I will show different levels from there. There are no modifications, as everything is meant to just pick the level that works for you. That means everyone is successful! Less impact doesn't mean easier as the breaks will be minimal, the intensity is self driven. Come try it out, bring a friend. I hope to see you guys there soon. My full weekly schedule is:

Tue:     Group Power @ 9:00 - Kennedy

             Group Fight @ 10:30 - Kennedy

Wed:    High Low @ 9:00 - PBAC

Thur:    Strong Nation @ 9:00 - Kennedy

Fri:        High Fitness @ 9:00 - Strother

Sat:       Strong Nation @ 9:00 - Strother

Sun:      High Low @ 9:00 - Strother

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