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November Schedule Changes

Hey fit people! I posted this on the facebook page so you may have already seen it. I know I played around with some different time changes and canceled classes for November. My final schedule is decided and I apologize if it was confusing there for a bit. The easy answer is No time changes, all classes still start at 9:00 at Strother Park. Saturday class will be no more, I’m adding a class at Kennedy, so I’m moving Strong Nation to Sunday.

November classes at Strother Park will be:

Friday - High Low at 9 Sunday - Strong Nation at 9

This will start NEXT (11/6) weekend, so this coming Friday (10/30) is High Fitness, Saturday (10/31) will be Strong Nation Sunday (11/1) is still High Low.

Currently I don't have anything scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend. Keep a look out for updates as we get closer but unless you hear otherwise that weekend I will hold no classes.

Thanks for your continued support.

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