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No class today, updates for summer classes.

Hey guys,

I know its been a minute since I've sent out an update. First, reminder that there is no High Fitness Park class today (Friday 6/18/21) due to a long standing basketball camp. That camp will also cancel July 9th, and July 30th. The Friday class will go through August 6th and then I will be starting a Full Day teaching position on those days.

Sunday Strong Nation will continue as planned through July. Starting in August I will likely change from Sunday to Saturday, maybe changing the format to High Fitness. I'm up for your input on that. I may also add an early morning (6:00 am) class Mondays or Fridays in the fall, the days I'm teaching full day, so if you're up for that let me know what you'd prefer. That would be inside somewhere, depending if I can find a space.

For now that means Friday High Fitness through the summer will be held:

June 25th

July 2nd

July 16th

July 23rd

August 6th

Strong Nation as normally scheduled through the end of July.

Look for updates about the potential changes described above. You can email or text me with your preferences anytime about Saturday classes.

Thanks everyone!


(805) 234-2380

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