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Email notifications including tomorrow announcement

Hello my fellow fitness enthusiasts. I hope that you are all doing ok with this crazy hot weather, and poor air quality. I am letting you know that if you are receiving this message in an email I have added you to my outdoor fitness mail list. I promise only to send important information regarding special classes I'll be doing, and/or any changes to my regularly scheduled classes. Hopefully you will find this useful to answer questions that you may have regarding what's coming up.

That being said I am announcing that it is my current plan to show up tomorrow (Friday 8/21) to Strother Park and teach High Fitness at 9:00. If I wake up in the morning and things are worse than they are right now I will change that, and I will send out another blog/post in the morning so just check your email before you head out. No news is good news. If you show up and decide for any reason that it is not a good idea to continue you will not be charged for the day. If you sign up, or have already paid and don't complete class you will have a credit to come another day to any of my classes. Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions. (805) 234-2380 or

In good health,

Sarema Wooldridge

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